SES: What got you into writing science fiction?

SES: Where did you get the idea for “Ritchie Boss: Private Investigator Manager”?

SES: Is the story set in the future or in a parallel universe? Or both?


by Micah Joel

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Boss –> Gnosti.local: How do I read it?

I held up my hand. “Government? No thanks, I don’t do classified work.”

“I have money.”

Now we were speaking the same language. Gnosti came back with more information.

Boss –> Hurd.local: Here’s my conversation with Gnosti. Find me that indy.

He came back half a second later with an answer.

Hurd.local –> Boss: Gnosti can do it. She’s holding out for more credits.

This had better be good. I had FinShark extend the debit line.

Hurd.local–> Boss: More resources coming online.

Pandora looked confused. “Already on it? You’re just sitting there.”

Boss –> Gnosti.local: Check the personnel database for grandma. What have we got on her?

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A near-instantaneous response:

Boss –> CodeMonkey.local: This could be a hot one, so be careful.

CodeMonkey.local –> Boss: I was born careful.

>i see you opened a chat session would you like to administer the turing test

Boss –> CodeMonkey.local: Well?

No reply.

Boss –> CodeMonkey.local: CodeMonkey, respond.


Boss –> Hurd.local: Hurd, what’s going on with CodeMonkey?

Again, no response. I felt adrenaline’s icy wave wash up my spine.

Boss –> *.local: Anyindy, please respond.

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Wilson –> Boss: Epicntr

Boss –> Wilson: What?

Wilson –> Boss: Wht r u seen? Yr at teh epicentr.

He had to have been working from a manual keyboard, and in a hurry. Or panic.

Boss –> Wilson: What are you talking about?

Wilson –> Boss: Half the NE sctr just crshd.

Boss –> Wilson: Any better?

Wilson –> Boss: N. Grwing expntlly.

And they told me that being a manager was a safe career choice.



> What is your name?

It immediately responded:

> Insufficient data.

Something chirped for my attention. Kernighan Wilson was back online.

Boss –> Wilson: It it localized?

In other words, am I about to get a visit from the Feds?

Wilson –> Boss: Yes. No. Maybe.

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Wilson –> Boss: What do you mean we?




Susan Elliott Sim (SES): Tell me a bit about yourself.

SES:  What got you into writing science fiction?

RO:  I read a lot of it.  I love the possibilities of science and imagination.

Autobiography of an Automatic Mind

By R.B. Orion

Memory Imprint #1: The Water Cycle

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Memory Imprint #2: The Mosquito

Memory Imprint #3: The Cow

Memory Imprint #4: The Tractor (miracle edition)

“Daddy, this tire is wider than you even!” Scott says and smiles.

“Yeah!” Vick shouts. Scott feels threatened by Vick and jealous of him.

“Ohh kay!” Vick shouts.

“Now follow me,” Dad says winking at Vick.

“Is it fun?” Scott asks.

“Ok,” Dad says. “I want you to practice stopping.”

“Alright,” says Vick.

“Now, take your foot off the gas and pull the stick back to the middle,” says Dad.

“Can I drive now?” asks Scott.

“Scott, keep your goddamn mouth shut!” Dad shouts. “You’ll get your turn when I say so!”

“Now stop it,” Dad says to Vick. Vick pulls the stick to the middle. The tractor stops.

“What do you think,” Dad asks, smiling at Vick. Scott wants Dad to smile at him like that.

“Real fun!” says Vick.

“Can I drive now?” asks Scott.

“Jeeezus H. Christ! Yes, goddamn it, you can drive it once I fix the fence,” says Dad.

“Is this by the gate like I told you?” Dad shouts. Scott feels sadness. Scott looks down.

“Vick, jump up there and get him in gear,” Dad says, “I can’t stand to be near him.”

“Ahh Oww!” Scott screams. Some tears come out. He grabs his arm where it is sore.

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“God Damn IIIITTTT!” Dad shouts. Dad’s voice sounds like the voice of a demon.


Dr. Takebayashi,


Hi Mom,




Here is a short interview with Gill.

Susan Elliott Sim (SES): What got you into writing science fiction?

SES: Where did you get the idea for “The Avatars Remember Nothing”?

SES: What do you hope to achieve with your fiction? And with your writing in general.


The Avatars Remember Nothing


by S. Gill Williamson

The Picnic: July 2110

ERVS: April 2270

“Hi Sandman! What’s new?” the engineer asked, with a smile.

Daggett: May 2270

Amanda Arrives: July 2270

“Thank you, but where are my parents and the rest of the people?”

Amanda looked across the lawn at a Spanish style building.

“Think of yourself as Amanda(A).” Kevin said, with a mischievous grin.

“Dragged to the trash long ago. He was an old version, even older than you.”

“Was I copied or extracted? Which is the better word?”

“What sort of danger?” Amanda asked, suspecting the worst.

“What about my parents and friends?”

“You’re a quick learner and a leader, Amanda. That’s why you’re here.”

Amanda’s New Home: July 2270

“OK guys, what’s going on?” Amanda said, sipping her coffee.

“They look like water bears,” Amanda said, remembering her biology class.

“I suppose my mote is one of them,” Errett said. “You like to torture him.”

“You’re about to lose control completely,” Errett said.

Dave was reluctant to insert his personal avatar into a mote. Why? Errett had his suspicions.

The Fourth Try, TIS: October 2270

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“You knew about this and didn’t tell me?” Dave asked in disbelief.

“Let’s hear it, then!”

The Journey Begins: January 2271

Copyright © 2010 S. Gill Williamson

  • Although we didn’t meet our fundraising goals on Indiegogo, we have enough to fund the prizes. No honorariums for the judges though. :(
  • I have found judges and the panel will have a range of views.
  • We have seven submissions so far. I’m told that most will come in during the last 24 hours. I don’t know if seven represents 10% or 1% of the submissions.